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One of the things I enjoy most is creating things that have never been done before.

I understand play and the process of innovation. 


I'm an entrepreneur and design leader and have created interactive and integrated products for many of the world's most recognized children's brands, including Barbie, Disney, Little Tikes, Electronic Arts, and Baby Einstein. I see the big picture, and can put together project-specific teams while managing the design process. I can turn concepts into actionable steps to build new products and I enjoy driving a vision and mentoring designers. 

I'll help your company uncover opportunities for new business growth through research, brainstorm facilitation, and customer-focused concept and product development.  


Some Companies I've worked with


"Tracy can take the 50,000 foot view and then roll her sleeves up and then drop down to 5000 feet to get it done. I cannot wait to work with her again!"

—  Jason Avery, VP Tech Toy Design, MGA Entertainment

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