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Tracy's Work @ Mattel    (click on the image for more detail)

Hello Barbie® Hologram

I co-invented Barbie® Hologram, the first customizable digital holographic friend for little girls. This video chatbot uses kid-friendly voice recognition and a Barbie personality text to speech cloud service to bring Barbie to life like never before.  Motion captured video is projected onto angled clear acrylic to create the illusion of a hologram.  I designed the user interface and play experience and oversaw the industrial design.

Barbie + Tynker Coding Experience​

I co-designed with Tynker this mini-course curriculum that ties visual coding concepts to six of Barbie's careers.  The goal was to expose 1M kids to coding in one year.  Currently, there are over 4 million user visits and 16.7 million module completions. I also art directed the project and made sure it was on brand, inclusive and fun!

Barbie® Dream Horse™​

This robotic horse has 5 touch sensors, 4 tactile switches, 3 motors, 2 microphones, and a speaker. I did the industrial design and designed the play experience, which was conveyed to the assembly language programmer through flow charts.

Barbie® Hello Dreamhouse™

This cloud-connected dollhouse uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to drive audio, lights, and motors that make the elevator go up and down, open the doors and turn the stairs into a slide.


I designed the play experience, which was based in story play and represented through flow charts.  I also created a process to show programmers how to code the RGB LED light shows to align with the different themed music.