Tracy's Work @ Mattel    (click on the image for more detail)

Hello Barbie® Hologram

I co-invented Barbie® Hologram, the first customizable digital holographic friend for little girls. This video chatbot uses kid-friendly voice recognition and  a Barbie personality text to speech cloud service.  Motion captured video is projected onto angled clear acrylic to create the illusion of a hologram.  I designed the user interface and play experience and oversaw the industrial design.

Barbie + Tynker Coding Experience​

I co-designed the mini-course curriculum that ties visual coding concepts to 6 of Barbie's careers.  The goal was to expose 1M kids to coding in one year.  Currently, there are 1.475 unique user visits. I also art directed the project, and made sure it was on brand, inclusive and fun!

Barbie® Dream Horse™​

This robotic horse has 5 touch sensors, 4 tactile switches, 3 motors, 2 microphones, and a speaker. I did the industrial design and designed the play experience, which was conveyed to the assembly language programmer through flow charts.

Barbie® Hello Dreamhouse™

This cloud-connected doll house used Automatic Speech Recognition to drive story play audio, lights and motors that make the elevator go up and down, open the doors and turn the stairs into a slide.


I designed the play experience which was represented through flow charts.  I also created a process to show programmers how to code the RGB LED light shows to align with the different themed music.

Barbie® Photo Fashion™ Doll

If you can picture it, Barbie can wear it! I invented and designed this doll embedded with a camera, display, and filters.  This was awarded a US Patent. Girls can instantly design graphic T's, and customize further with accompanying software.

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